Spolier Alert!

 Spoiler alert! We're about to discuss the ending of a lot of film noir movies! So stop reading now if you haven't seen any yet.

When talking about a movie to an audience that has not yet seen the movie, this phrase is used by a speaker to warn that they are about to reveal plot details that may be surprising or unexpected.


The idea is that revealing certain plot details will detract from the natural viewing experience, so the warning serves as an opportunity for people to stop listening or reading.

In the case of this blog, virtually everything that we review or discuss was made over 70 years ago, so if you haven't seen a particular movie yet, ya've probably missed the boat and should either bite the bullet and read on, or maybes just live with it.

There are many twists and turns in film noir, though just about all of them are known today, or are now so overused that they won't be much of a surprise.

Most of us know what's going to happen next?

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