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In looking for a fine example of what one may call The Cinema of the Disenchanted, another name perhaps for the film noir of the 1940s, one will be immensely entertained to discover This Gun For Hire (1942).

You'll not only find Veronica Lake singing, spying, loving and doing magic tricks, but a fascinating plot (by Graham Greene) which deals spies, lies and big business, all combined with a quiet and painless dose of wartime propaganda which thrills more than it lectures.

Although Alan Ladd plays a guy who's set out at the top of the film to be a thoroughly disturbing psychopath, things don't quite pan out that way.  

And of course what folks love the best about this emotionless killer, is his fondness for cats.

To top this off, here is a great Tumblr thread which holds a good many stills, bits and pieces and other fine images related to this winner of a film noir.

This Gun For Hire (1942) on Tumblr

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